Ravish Him

Cooking Up Something Good

Ravish Soap Company started unofficially over 20 years ago when the owner, Kathy Zygula, was working as a classically trained chef. She knew even then that high-quality, simple ingredients made for the best recipes, so it is no surprise these values are used to make cold-processed soap and skincare products using only the best and simplest ingredients. 

Thoughtfully-Sourced Ingredients

We believe high-quality soap and skincare products should be made available to anyone who wants them, and without all the confusion regarding what “natural” really means. We’re not a crunchy soap and skincare company – we're realistic, have a sense of humor, and a brain. We know that you’re above that kind of hype too.

Everything we produce is made with thoughtfully-sourced ingredients that meet our standard of quality – simple, high-quality ingredients. No parabensno phthalatesno sulfatesno SLS, and only tested on cool people, not animals!