Espresso Latte Foaming Sugar Scrub

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It's Coffee O'clock!!

NEW 16 OZ. SUGAR SCRUBS! Start your day brew-tifully with our robust, Espresso Latte foaming sugar scrub. With its naturally exfoliating sugar crystals and ground roasted coffee beans, our foaming sugar scrub will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and sexy! 

Contains Caffeine Extract, which is a wonderful for helping tone skin, reduce inflammation, and its an amazing antioxidant!

Now with MORE moisturizing Vitamin-E Oil, Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil! 

  • Luxurious rich lather 
  • Exfoliates skin naturally
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth 
  • Paraben and phthalate free
  • A delicious Espresso and Vanilla scent

Ingredients: Sugar, sodium cocyl isethionate, vegetable glycerin, water, cocamidopropyl betaine, sunflower oil, shea butter, stearic acid, ground roasted coffee beans, fragrance, , caffeine extract, vitamin-E oil, preservative (phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, sorbic acid), mica colorant.

Personal use only.